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2019/2020 Home Ticket Application Process

In order to apply for tickets through Johannesburg Spurs, you will need to have purchased a One Hotspur membership for each person you wish to apply for.

The costs are as follows:

  • One Hotspur Adult £48 each (membership for Adults and Young Adults (ages 18 to 21 on 16 August 2019)

  • One Hotspur Junior £25 each (ages 17 or younger on 16 August 2019)

  • One Hotspur Senior £25 each (ages 65 or older on 16 August 2019)

Follow the link below for further information on these memberships:

Below are the Request Deadlines dates for the home fixtures. Your request for tickets needs to be received by Johannesburg Spurs at least 24 hours before this date, otherwise we will be unable to apply for tickets on your behalf.

Please note that match dates may change.

Spurs OSC Ticket Deadline Dates

Ticket prices will vary according to each game category, and where you will be seated. When you apply for tickets, we will advise you of your options in this regard.

NOTE: OSC's are unable to apply for away fixtures due to limited tickets being available.

Should you be interested in applying for home match day tickets, please contact us at


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