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Updated 16 March 2017 Due to White Hart Lane having lost close to 4,000 seats to allow for the work on the new stadium to progress, the ticket application process has changed. Tottenham are using a ballot system in order to make it fair to everyone who would like to attend a game.

Supporters Clubs apply for tickets online, the same way that everyone else does. When the ballot has closed, we will receive an email informing us if our application was successful and how many tickets have been allocated to us.

Firstly, some clarity needs to be made regarding the difference between being a Supporters Club Member and a Tottenham Hotspur Member. Registering on the Spurs Official website and receiving a Client Reference Number means you are Registered with Spurs Official and if you stated that you are part of Johannesburg Spurs, this makes you a Johannesburg Spurs Supporters Club Member. This membership is for free.

Becoming a member of Tottenham Hotspur is something that you need to purchase. Different memberships are available to be purchased (e.g. Lilywhite or Bronze) and more information in this regard may be found on the Tottenham Hotspur website. It is this membership that allows you to purchase tickets to matches. For futher information on the different memberships, please click on the link below.

In order for the ticketing system to be fair, every Supporters' Club member wishing to attend a game needs to hold either a Bronze or Lilywhite membership too. While it costs you nothing to join Johannesburg Spurs and create an account on the Tottenham website, if you want to attend a match at White Hart Lane (or an away game too), before you can apply for a ticket via Johannesburg Spurs, you will need to hold a Bronze membership (about ₤63 via debit / credit card) or a Lilywhite (about ₤48 via debit / credit card). Please note that these were the costs at the beginning of the 2016/2017 season.

So if you want to apply for four tickets, you will need to hold four Lilywhite or Bronze memberships too. It is a lot of money to pay for no guarantee that you will be able to get a ticket (due to it being a ballot system this season), however it does ensure fairness to all members and supporters and allow for equal opportunity to get tickets.

The Supporters Club sometimes receives an allocation of tickets that we may apply for but it depends on the game and it depends on the demand. We have been advised that we will not receive an allocation of tickets for the FA Cup Semi-final game, nor for the Final (should we make it), nor for the NLD on 30 April and neither for the Manchester United game (last home game of the season). Supporters who have purchased their memberships will have to then apply for tickets when they go on general sale. Tickets may then also only be purchased based on loyalty points that you have earned.

For further information, please contact us at or visit the Tottenham Hotspur website.

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