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As we get closer to the end of the 2016/2017 season, I'm reflecting on what amazing experiences we have had since this Spurs supporters club was formed in September 2015. Everyone asks why I formed the club and here is the reason why....

The idea first came to me after meeting with the members of the Tottenham Hotspur Family Facebook Group at the game against Leicester on 21 March 2015. The majority of us had never met before and we only knew each other from Facebook, having met online in October/November 2014 when the group was formed. This is when acquaintances became friends and then, friends have become family.

It was a very special day starting with us meeting at The Irish Centre around the corner from White Hart Lane, then going off to watch the game and back to the Irish afterwards for our post match analysis. It started off as arranging a surprise for one of our members who was going through a tough time and raising funds for him to have a lovely day out at White Hart Lane. It quickly escalated into many members of the group wanting to make this the first official social gathering for The Tottenham Hotspur Family. The members, especially those who live in the UK, now meet often for both home and away games. I wanted to take a tiny bit of that experience from such an incredibly magical day with passionate Spurs supporters and bring it back with me to Johannesburg. So it is thanks to them that Johannesburg Spurs was formed.

We even formed a Podcast which was the brainchild of my friend, Javad Movahedi, and it is now quite a popular and well-known podcast; for the fans by the fans. I used to co-host often with Jav but due to the amount of work that goes into running Johannesburg Spurs, I am sadly not as involved as I used to be. Please check it out, you'll be glad you did!

Johannesburg Spurs, the Supporters Club as we know it today, was formed in September 2015 after I hounded Spurs Official and with a little assistance from the Tottenham Hotspurs Supporters Trust. The first matchday social against Liverpool on 17 October 2015 was attended by 9 members, 2 of which are now on the committee; Mark and Ross. Since then we have grown to just over 300 members with between 25 and 80 members joining us for matchday socials. Many friendships have been formed as a result and we have a lot of regulars who join us almost every week for the matchday socials. However, we do like to think that whether you join us week in and week out or you only attend when you are able to, you feel right at home and part of the group from your very first visit.

While we may be a relatively small group compared to other supporters clubs, our passion is just the same. We sing, we shout, we laugh, we cry, we cheer, we celebrate and we support as one unit. Tottenham Hotspur is our passion and sharing that passion with like-minded supporters is what makes this supporters club so special. Sharing our love and passion for Spurs makes this more than just a hobby, it unites us together. There have been many who thought we wouldn't last two seasons.. well we are heading to end of our second season and into our third and trust me when I say; this is still only the beginning!

So THANK YOU to all our members, overseas visiting supporters and friends who have joined us for matchday socials. Thank you for your support, the memories, sharing your time, life and stories with us. We hope that if you have not managed to join us for a matchday social yet, that you will do so in the coming future. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has an exciting, lilywhite future ahead and Johannesburg Spurs Supporters Club is going to be there every step of the way!


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