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Spurs At Wembley


NOTE: OSC's are unable to apply for away fixtures due to limited tickets being available. As we have only just received the fixture dates for the Champions League games, we do not yet know if OSC's may apply for tickets and if we are, what the deadline dates are.

As you are all aware, Spurs are playing at Wembley for the 2017/2018 season while the construction work takes place on our new stadium. If you want to apply for tickets through the supporters club, this must be done via the Johannesburg Supporters Club as there will be forms that are to be completed and returned to Tottenham's Supporters Club Department.

We would like to remind you that although there are free 'memberships' with Tottenham Hotspur in order to receive newsletters and get access to Spurs TV etc., you will need to purchase a membership in order to be eligible to purchase matchday tickets through Johannesburg Spurs. Different memberships are available to be purchased (e.g. Lilywhite or Bronze) and more information in this regard may be found on the Tottenham Hotspur website. For further information on the different memberships, please click on the link below.

Ticket Information

Category A Tickets will be allocated to Supporters Clubs via a ballot:

(Category A Tickets are traditionally the 'big' matches, i.e. Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea etc. matches)

  • Due to extreme demand for Category A tickets from all One Hotspur Members, Supporters Clubs will be asked to submit requests for tickets for Category A matches at Wembley (PL Home fixtures) before a given deadline. A limited number of tickets will be allocated to Supporters Clubs via a ballot for these matches (if oversubscribed).

  • Unsuccessful Supporters Clubs or those unable to apply by the deadline are advised to look out for the One Hotspur on-sale dates and apply direct using the Tottenham Hotspur ticket sales outlets (i.e. or by calling +44 (0)344 844 0102. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis and are strictly subject to availability.

Category B & C Tickets at Wembley:

  • All Supporters Club members attending matches must be current members of the One Hotspur Lilywhite or Bronze Membership Scheme.

  • The number of tickets purchased meets the minimum/maximum numbers allowed for the Club i.e.

  • Category B match – minimum of 1 with no maximum (as long as each ticket is for a One Hotspur Member who is a Supporters Club Member).

  • Category C match – minimum of 1 with no maximum (as long as each ticket is for a One Hotspur Member who is a Supporters Club Member).

  • All tickets are subject to availability.

  • The last match of the season will be subject to the same terms as a Category A match. Which means tickets will have to be applied for and then balloted (if oversubscribed).

Official Supporters Clubs have been allocated the same section of seats for each PL Home fixture. Tickets applied for using the OSC facility will only be allocated in these blocks, if members wish to sit elsewhere; they are able to purchase tickets independently using their One Hotspur membership.

Block 545 – Front Section (prices to follow)

Block 546 – Front Section (prices to follow)

Block 105 – Front to Middle Section (prices to follow)

Tottenham Hotspur is once again able to offer no booking fees on all tickets purchased via the OSC.

Home Cup Matches*

  • The OSC ticket availability for Home Cup matches will be decided at the time of each draw – as the turnaround time for these fixtures can be tight, it will not always be possible to give OSC priority tickets.

  • An email will be sent after each draw has taken place, letting you know if we are able to offer priority ticketing to OSC.

*There will be no priority given for any Semi-Final or Final matches hosted at Wembley.

The ticket application dates and pricing is as per the link below:

If anyone is interested in applying for any matchday tickets, please contact us ASAP at so that we can start the application process for you.

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